Industrial Printers

These printers are for the elite professionals, seeking to print at the highest quality with uncompromising speed and efficiency. In a market that is extremely competitive, a cutting edge above everyone else is highly sought after. These machine are more than just mere printers, they offer a variety of unique applications such creating eye catching 3D effects, printing on almost any substrate and stand out colours.

Applications of Industrial Printers

There are a wide variety of applications suitable for a number of industries,
• A true flatbed with roll-to-roll print capability
• Ability to print on almost any substrate and media
• Signage And Displays
• Packaging Industry
• Interior Decoration
• High quality photo prints

The USC Advantage

There are a number of flatbed UV machines available, however through the test of time may have come and gone. The swissQprint UV Flatbed printer in a short time has become the industry benchmark of high quality flatbed printers, winning most recently the EDP Best UV Flatbed Printer in 2017