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USC Solutions is serving customers in south-east asia since 1958. We are diversified company specialising in wide format graphic solutions and 3D systems and has made a trail in providing the best solutions for its customers…Read More

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Sign & Graphics 2D/3D

We bring to market a wide range of products in this category.  For further information –

Rip & Color Management

An important aspect of large format printing besides the machine hardware and technical capabilities is the software that runs the print jobs. Graphics files can be fairly large, complex and require specific colors that your customers want to achieve. It is, for this reason, a powerful Rip software is needed to facilitate a smooth workflow in order to maintain a productive work environment. On this page, you will find software’s that are excellent for this task and widely used in this industry.

Caldera Rip

The USC Advantage 

Implementing the right RIP solution, to our customers is one of our highest priorities since there are a variety of rip software’s available it is important to know the technical and practical differences. We provide a high level of consultation and thorough understanding of your workflow needs and requirements in order to come up with the perfect solution for your organization.