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Additive 3D Printing

We bring to market a wide range of products in this category.  For further information –

Additive 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing, is perhaps one of the most exciting emerging technologies we have seen recently. The ability to conceptualise, design and finally print your ideas into a physical object is simply profound. 3D printing offers real solution for real world applications and encompasses a broad range of industries


There are a wide variety of applications suitable for several industries:
• Engineering Parts
• End use on demand parts
• Dental
• Prototyping, Research and Design
• Metal Parts Printing
• Bio Plotters

The USC Advantage 

We started on the journey with 3D printing approximately 7 years ago when we brought into Singapore the Vida 3D printers, at that time it was the beginning of the 3D printing revolution. Since that time advances in the additive manufacturing realm has grown year to year with new technologies and features being added to each machine. Our key advantage is that we have been at the forefront of these technologies and have worked closely with industry specialists to ensure that each of the machines we market fulfils a real need and solves an actual problem. This allows us to bring to market useful and relevant machines and differentiates us from the plethora of 3d machines commonly available.