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3D Printers for Jewelry

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3D Printers for Jewelry

EnvisionTEC is a leading choice among goldsmith jewelers, and custom and large manufacturers for 3D printing jewelry patterns for casting. Our technology and materials together offer superior detail, precision and a smooth surface finish that requires less finishing. With EnvisionTEC, 3D print jobs go straight to the customer for review to casting and molding. Our machines are also incredibly reliable.

Highly detailed filigree and accurate settings are routinely produced with little or no adjustment to the machine.  The throughput of our printers is proven to be unparalleled in the industry. The accuracy achievable is beyond laser or printing alternative technologies with 15 micron resolution capability as standard.  This makes EnvisionTEC 3D printers the perfect choice for micro pave or invisible settings.

Save money in metal material and metal finishing time with patterns that deliver superior patterns for investment casting.

3D Printer For jewellry

D4K Pro Jewelry

Applications Of 3D Printing In The Jewelry Industry: 

There are a wide variety of applications suitable for the jewelry industry
• Casting
• Direct Investment Casting
• Silicone Moulding
• Verification Models
• Precious Metal Casting

The USC Advantage

We started marketing this range of 3D printers especially for the jewellery manufacturing market. In the old days moulds used to be handmade via a wax model, this process was extremely slow and required high levels of skill. These days, if you do wish to start your journey as a jewellery designer or manufacturer it has never been easier. If you can design a cad file the process is extremely straight forward. We have equipped top jewellery designers and manufacturers with the tools they need to make an outstanding works of jewellery. Our specialised knowledge allows us to recommend and determine the best machine to do the job.