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USC Solutions is serving customers in south-east asia since 1958. We are diversified company specialising in wide format graphic solutions and 3D systems and has made a trail in providing the best solutions for its customers…Read More

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Sign & Graphics 2D/3D

We bring to market a wide range of products in this category.  For further information –

Large Format Plotter CAD Applications (A0 & A1 Size) 

CAD & Reprographics relates to machines that are specifically designed for printing of line drawings. You will find the price large format plotter we carry extremely affordable. These machines are specifically created to focus in on the broad architectural, construction and engineering markets. They play a vital role in ensuring that buildings are made correctly, engineering systems deployed efficiently and construction instructions conveyed clearly. It is for this reason that our machines are well suited to take on these specific requirements. We not only carry a large range of plotters we also provide some exclusive products that other resellers just don’t carry as well as finishing equipment for your daily needs.

The USC Advantage 

We started out our business with large format machines specifically designed for the AEC market. Our expertise in this area comes from understanding our customer, proposing a solution, implementing and training our users to the highest level of competence. We carry a massive range of products so as to be ready for our customer’s specific requirements and our technicians are trained rigorously. We believe that each of these products must be properly explained to our customers with clarity and to empower them to build Singapore. Our core focus is also on the running costs of each machine as well as their ROI, ensuring that their investment will continually provide them with the returns they deserve.