The Mutoh XpertJet : The Largest Large Format Eco Solvent Installation Of 2020!


The Mutoh XpertJet, a legend reborn featuring top-notch printing quality, high performance, and superior build quality. This series of the machine was proudly installed at one of Singapore’s largest printing service providers. The customer was presented with many different options, from many competing brands however after they conducted a thorough review, only one choice was left, and that was the Mutoh Xpertjet large format eco-solvent printer.

Mutoh, the machine used by most of the largest print service providers in Singapore for decades. And yes it lasts for 10 years with the same quality of prints ensuring unbeatable ROI! 100% made in Japan has its value, unlike the rest which is not made in Japan although being Japanese!

Does it really matter if it’s made in Japan or not? well YES OF COURSE! Would you call a samurai sword a true samurai sword, if it was built somewhere else? Here’s the thing, when Mutoh makes a machine it does not make it on some massive production line, each Mutoh machine is literally handcrafted. If you were to examine the machine up close, you will find that no corners have been cut to manufacture this system. This means, the quality of the build is excellent, reliable, and trustworthy, it also means that when you invest in a Mutoh Xpertjet you have peace of mind when it comes to relying on it for all your large format printing needs.

We have put together a video here, to show you the process of building a Mutoh machine and it highlights the great care and attention to detail that goes behind every machine. The Kaizen philosophy runs through the entire manufacturing process, this means that every large format machine made by Mutoh is a work of handcrafted artistry.

Watch How The Mutoh Large Format Eco-Solvent Machine Is Made