Cutting Plotters

Cutting plotters are one of the most basic and extremely easy to use machines both to use and to understand. They perform a simple task which is that of cutting out practically any shape on a substrate such as sticker media. They are widely used in the signage industry, tee-shirt making , letters and decorative markets.

There is also another group of cutters which are known as flatbed cutters and they are used to cut much harder materials.  If it is your intention to, score or cut, crease, die-cut, rout, label gaskets, cardboards, foils, foam rubbers, laminates, engineering textiles, paperboard, wood, hardboards, non-ferrous metals and whether static or oscillating processing is necessary.

Applications of Cutting Plotters

There are a wide variety of applications suitable for severalindustries :

  • Vinyl and Sticker cutting
  • Films, Decorative foils cutting
  • Signage and display solutions
  • Packaging
  • Traffic signs
  • Textile and fabric cutting

The USC Advantage

We have a long history of dealing with both vinyl cutters and more sophisticated cutters like the aristo. Our understanding of media and substrate allow us to give our customers the advice that they need to create a workflow that is seamless and easy to operate. We have empowered a variety of customers to expand their business and to allow them to utilise in tandem with our large format plotters to create and design some amazing things! These include pop up stores, large cut out displays for shopping centres, unique display structures and much more!