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Industrial Printers

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Manufacturing With 3D Printers

These printers are well suited to fit into the manufacturing, prototyping and even making end-use parts. These printers are vastly different from the existing machines available due to one key difference, that being the insertion of composite materials into the printed part. This allows parts to be printed literally on the desktop that is stronger than aluminium. We also carry one of the most affordable metal printers available in the market, this solution allows you to print with a variety of metal elements at affordable prices. Learn more here about the various machines as well as the many case studies we have on the Markforged machines.

Applications of Markforged Printers

There are a wide variety of applications suitable for a number of industries,
• Jigs and Fixtures
• End-Use-Parts Ready To Use of The Print Bed
• Tooling
• Wielding Fixtures
• End Effectors
• Soft Jaws

The USC Advantage

There are a number of flatbed UV machines available, however through the test of time may have come and gone. The swissQprint UV Flatbed printer in a short time has become the industry benchmark of high quality flatbed printers, winning most recently the EDP Best UV Flatbed Printer in 2017