Specialty Printers

These printers are quickly gaining in popularity within the signage and speciality markets. They primarily use UV technology which basically dries the ink on almost any surface through the exposure of UV light. This allows some very interesting things to happen, which is you can print virtually on any surface, create effects such as gloss, varnish, spot or even textures, further than that allows the user to print on different types of objects. UV technology really opens a wide range of possibilities along with its ability to print with white and varnish inks. We strongly believe that this is the direction to go if you’re looking to stand out from the rest of the printers which are available in the market.

Applications of Specialty Printers

There are a wide variety of applications suitable for a number of industries,
• Packaging prototypes.
• Watch Dial, Coasters, Name Card Cases, Phone Holders and much more
• Print directly on acrylic , metal, wood, even leather or silicone.
• Customise shower screen doors, stained glass effects and other unique applications
• Customise on ceramic tiles for unique applications
• Flexible ink or Rigid Ink configurations
• Posters, banners, stickers and other display items
• Create short run customised gifts with no MOQ

The USC Advantage

There are many reasons our customers purchase their large format printers from us, at the heart of it all is our dedication to service, affordability and commitment to customer satisfaction. The other most poignant reason customer choose to trust us with their business, is that we produce the industries best colours. Our printouts are vibrant , eye catching and most importantly attention grabbing. The prints our machines produce come alive under our expertise of colour profiling as well as the technical capabilities of our machines. They remain as the industry benchmark to achieve some of the best possible colours whilst using the least amount of ink and thereby exponentially increasing the returns our customers. This is where we shine above the rest and remain to be one of the bestselling large format supplier in Singapore.