swissQprint Impala 4 

To create great things in smart style, go for Impala 4. The highest print quality, versatility and performance in flatbed printing. With the smallest possible footprint – both physical and ecological. That’s Impala 4 in a nutshell. Profitable front-runner. Give your company a new position in the market. Go for inkjet technology with the latest print heads. And with it, high productivity and profitability from quality products and attractive new applications. For all that added value, Impala leaves a small ecological footprint. Can you think of anyone else offering this best of both worlds?

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Various printing modes meet every requirement. Even with high productivity, Impala 4 delivers impressive results.

Modest overall cost

The purchase cost is one thing; operating costs are another. Impala 4 delivers excellent price/performance on both fronts. The tasks that this expandable flatbed printer masters on its own would otherwise require a fleet of machinery. And because the LED lamps have the same life expectancy as the printer, you gain considerable savings on maintenance.

A clear conscience

It’s nice when cost savings include the protection of the environment. The longevity of the system and its low power consumption conserve resources. The operation is ozone-free and there is no toxic waste. So you can keep a clear conscience while getting the most out of your Impala 4.

Less heat build-up makes it a pleasure to print difficult media such as


  • Textiles
  • Delicate films
  • Corrugated board
  • Paper


Top speed :180 m²/h

Production: 90 m²/h

Quality: 62 m²/h
Fine Art: 33 m²/h


Flatbed, full bleed 2500 × 2030 mm
Clearance maximum 50 mm
Substrate weight maximum 100 kg/m²
Roll width maximum 2500 mm
Roll weight maximum 180 kg / dual roll 100 kg each
Roll diameter maximum  360 mm


Curing: UV LED
Roll to roll option: 2500 mm × endless
Dual roll option: 2 × 1200 mm × endless
Board option with extension tables: 2500 × 4000 mm / maximum 100 kg
Tandem function: Standard

Print area, Tandem each zone

2500 × 1015 mm
Tip Switch Vacuum


Colour channels: maximum 9
Print heads: maximum 18
Print heads per channel:1 or 2
Light cyan, light magenta, light black, White, Varnish, Primer, Orange, Neon


Integrated ink supply
CMYK, orange in 5 litre containers / white, varnish 5 or 1 litre containers / neon, primer 1 litre container
UV-curable inksSolvent-free (no VOCs)
GreenGuard Gold certification
White feed and maintenance system fully automated

Indoor and outdoor applications



Addressable resolution up to 1350 dpi
Visual resolution up to 2540 dpi

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