swissQprint Karibu S

When high productivity and top quality are combined, the results are magnificent. Literally!

The Karibu S roll to roll printer is designed for high performance in 24/7 operation. A special print head configuration makes the most of the possible printing speed. Which is no less than 330 m²/h. And even at that speed, Karibu S delivers astonishingly sharp text and images. That’s because it has typical swissQprint precision in its genes – in other words, absolutely accurate droplet placement.

Easy Roll Handling

Rolls are inserted and ready for print in only a few minutes with the Karibu cassette system. Efficient, reliable, precise.

 Instant Control Of Backlit 

The user monitors backlit prints practically real-time by means of the light box functionality. Optimum output, minimum rejects.

 Finely Adjustable Vacuum

The Tip Switch Vacuum is pressure-controlled and finely segmented. Every single segment is switched at the touch of a finger. Effortless and without additional masking.

 Harmless and lowest odor ink

Karibu ink is made for every roll to roll application. Even for such used in schools and healthcare facilities. Greenguard Gold certified.

Unequaled Mesh Printing

Karibu prints mesh without liner and full bleed. But without the subsequent cleaning. Convenient, time-saving and clean.

Create Prints That are Sure To Captivate

  • Window Films
  • Double-sided images and text
  • Day and Night Applications
  • Large Banners

Key figures

3,4 m max. print width
200 kg max. roll weight
330 m²/h max. productivity

18 High performance Printheads
CMYK + 1 

Karibu users have a clear competitive edge …

Get to your print more efficiently with unique roll to roll printer features
powered by new output software.

Get to your print more reliably based on the decades of experience
that have gone into Karibu and its 100% Swiss pedigree.

Get to print more applications thanks to cool LED technology and a specially
developed ink set.


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