swissQprint Oryx 4

Oryx 4 is the most performant entry-level flatbed printer. The optimal solution for small businesses and specialized companies where fine detail and variety both matter. Oryx is a profitable production tool. You can count on great added value thanks to low operating costs, high efficiency, and exceptional durability.

User-friendly and efficient

Oryx 4 is equipped with the unique Tip Switch vacuum table just like its siblings. It is finely segmented. Individual zones close or open instantly, at the touch of a finger. Tip Switch vacuum acts only where it is needed and holds down even unruly media. As a user, you gain a lot of time from not having to worry about manual masking.


Not everyone needs a high-performance printer. But everyone needs a competitive advantage. Do you have an assorted to unusual range of services in mind? And high standards of your own? Oryx 4 fits into this scenario, being a UV inkjet printer that’s all about precision and versatility. There is hardly a material that Oryx 4 cannot handle.


Like every swissQprint system, Oryx 4 adapts to your needs. This model is the ideal entry-level printer that grows with your business. For example, start with a CMYK configuration and then retrofit additional colour channels – you can have up to nine. Or expand your offering by retrofitting the roll to roll option.


As with all the Generation 4 printers, a brand-new control system is at work inside the Oryx 4. You won’t see it, but you will definitely notice it in daily use. Practical operator assistance is there to support you, and the printer is very simple and safe to run.

Less heat build-up makes it a pleasure to print difficult media such as


  • Textiles
  • Delicate films
  • Corrugated board
  • Paper


Top speed: 90 m²/h
Production: 45 m²/h
Fine Art: 8 m²/h
Quality: 14 m²/h


Flatbed, full bleed: 2500 × 2030 mm
Clearance: maximum 50 mm
Substrate weight: maximum 100 kg/m²
Roll width: maximum 2500 mm
Roll weight: maximum 180 kg / dual roll 100 kg each
Roll diameter: maximum  360 mm


Curing: UV LED
Roll to roll option: 2500 mm × endless
Dual roll option: 2 × 1200 mm × endless
Board option with extension tables: 2500 × 4000 mm / maximum 100 kg
Tandem function: Standard
Print area, Tandem each zone

2500 × 1015 mm
Tip Switch Vacuum


Colour channels: maximum 9
Print heads: maximum 9
Print heads per channel:1
Light cyan, light magenta, light black,White,Varnish, Primer, Orange, Neon


Integrated ink supply
CMYK, orange in 5 litre containers / white, varnish 5 or 1 litre containers / neon, primer 1 litre container
UV-curable inks Solvent-free (no VOCs)
GreenGuard Gold certification

White feed and maintenance system fully automated
Indoor and outdoor applications



Addressable resolution:up to 1080 dpi
Visual resolution: up to 2160 dpi


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