Large Format 3D Printers

These printers are printers that are specifically designed to print 3D parts in large format. Most 3D printers in the market are usually table sized and small. To create real life structures, you will need a larger printer that can do this. The Big Rep series of printers allows you to create almost anything your imagination can fathom. There are multiple applications everything from display solutions to industrial applications

Applications of Large Format 3D Printers

There are a wide variety of applications suitable for a number of industries,

  • Signage and 3D printed letters
  • 3D Printed Furniture and Design
  • Sand casting and moulding
  • Print out fittings for interior design
  • Feature walls
  • Pre cast concrete for unique products

The USC Advantage

The field of 3D printing is something which USC has been at the forefront for a number of years, our sister company chemtron pte ltd carries a wide range of 3d printing machines for the market. We have in house applications specialist and designers who are on hand to help you through the new realm of manufacturing and design. We see 3D as a natural progression of our services and product we have distributed in Singapore.