Kala Mistral Large Format Laminator 65″ & 83″

The Kala laminator is 100% Made In France, a high-quality product that is designed to give the user a seamless experience. Key highlights include a heat-assisted system to ensure the right amount of heat is present even when doing cold lamination, a handy foot pedal, mechanised pressure rollers to ensure the exact pressure, easy loading of lamination rolls and so much more!

The new generation of Mistral laminators offers unbeaten performances at this price level.

• Single side lamination with or without waste paper
• Simultaneous single side lamination and adhesive mounting
• Encapsulation in one run
• Application tape
• Colour background using colour vinyl
• Mounting onto boards up to 50 mm (2’’) thickness

There are various applications of the kala laminator

  • Affixing vinyl printout on foam boards
  • Roll-To-Roll application
  • Affixing laminate onto media substrate

MISTRAL: Unbeaten performances at this price level.

  • Cold laminator with heat assisted upper roller (adjustable from 30°C to 60°C in steps of 5°C – 86°F to 140°F in steps of 9°F).
  • Lamination speed from 0,30cm (1ft) to 6,20m/min (21ft)
  • Roll take up shaft for laminated documents included.

Single side lamination
Simultaneous lamination and adhesive mounting
Encapsulation with cold laminates in one go
Application tape
Mounting onto boards up to 50mm (2″) thickness

Optional Led kit for Mistral to be installed under the upper beam of the laminator. This light enables to check the right process for the lamination. Ideal for a dark spot in the workplace.Controlled by the main switch, it also shows if the machine has been turned off before leaving the workshop.Delivered mounted on the machine if ordered together or compatible with any existing machine.


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