Mutoh ValueJet 661UF

The compact table top A2+ flatbed UV LED XPJ-661UF printer will fit into any regular office, home based business or small retail environment. The direct to object printer offers a print area of 483 mm x 594 mm and can be setup in either CMYK or CMYK + White + Varnish.

Think of prints on phone covers, gifts, photo products, promotional items such as pens, lighters and USB sticks, souvenirs, awards, small signs, small series production or prototyping of packaging samples, decorative tiles and much more.

Discover the magic of white and varnish inks ! White inks will enable you to print on dark colored or clear substrates. Special added value finishing like spot varnish or even stunning special effects such as special structures or embossing is possible with our dedicated varnish inks.

Product Highlights

  • Compact tabletop A2+ flatbed UV LED printer
  • Fit for regular offices, home-based businesses, or small retail environments
  • Added value personalized prints and bespoke small-lot production of commercial and industrial applications
  • Dual ink type: rigid or flexible inks – 6 colours : CMYK + Wh + Va
  • Print on white, dark and clear items/objects up to 150 mm
  • Spot varnish, structure printing, and embossing thanks to varnish inks
The multi-purpose ValueJet 626UF printer will produce ultra-sharp, high quality output and is specifically targeted at short run items or one-off designs of personalised gifts, packaging prototypes, awards, specialty industrial items, as well as labels, decals, signs, etc. Moreover, you are able to add gloss texture to your print for a luxurious or specialty finish.


ValueJet 626UF applications

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