Mutoh ValueJet 628

The VJ-628 is Mutoh’s smallest sign & display printer offering a great potential to startup businesses, small sign makers, department stores and quick print providers. Offering a media width of 630 mm (24”), the compact, user-friendly & cost-effective ValueJet 628 has been developed for a wide array of applications ranging from in-store printing, commercial print, signage and print-to-cut jobs.

Equipped with a latest generation micro piezo print head, this 8 channel desktop printer delivers high quality prints for indoor & outdoor applications.TheValueJet 628 utilises Mutoh Eco Ultra inks, making it suitable for installation in any working environment. Mutoh’s innovative i² Intelligent Interweaving printing technology produces impeccable prints every time.

Designed for small-lot on demand production, the VJ-628 is suited for a wide variety of outdoor and indoor prints : long-term outdoor posters, stickers & labels, signs and banners, apparel decoration, backlit signage, POS displays, vehicle & window graphics, photo prints, fine art reproduction, etc.

Revolutionary 1440 dpi Print Head on Board

A revolutionary variable drop piezo print head is at the heart of the VJ-628’s stunning performance. This 1440-nozzle head comprises four colour sections. Each colour section has 360 nozzles, or two 180 nozzle rows per colour. Because all colour sections are united in one head, there is no need for time-consuming head-to-head calibration routines.

The print head is capable of producing ink drops ranging from 3.5 pl to 35.2 pl. Bottom line, it can produce a wider range of ink dots, which are moreover jetted at a much faster speed compared to other print heads on the market. The result is faster output speeds and moreover a much better print quality at higher output speeds.

Stunning Performance

The ValueJet 628 printer offers you a wide range of print modes and speeds. The overview below lists the most popular ones with which impeccable printing quality can be obtained
• Quality – 720×720 dpi: 4.6 m²/h
• Production – 720×720 dpi: 9.0 m²/h
• Speed Production – 720×720 dpi: 12.5 m²/h

Maximize your Profit with Mutoh Intelligent Interweaving (i²) Print Technology

The ValueJet 628 printer incorporates Mutoh’s award-winning Intelligent Interweaving (i²) print technology, enabling a drastic reduction or even total elimination of the typical difficulties inherent to conventional digital inkjet printing, such as horizontal banding, step mismatch banding and the visible effects of missing or misfiring nozzles.
One of the biggest benefits of this proprietary Mutoh print technology is that it offers predictable and repeatable output quality, therefore bringing an unprecedented level of peace of mind to the printer operator. ValueJet printer users will be able to print ideal quality images fit for purpose every time, in the shortest possible time.

Wide Choice of Media

The ValueJet 628 can handle 2” and 3” rolls. The machine incorporates three heater zones. The heating elements will tackle media pre-heating, ink fixation and drying of the prints. The VJ-628 printer using Eco Ultra ink is ideally suited to deliver top quality images when printing directly onto a wide range of low-cost standard available uncoated PVC, banner and soft-sign materials as well as for coated substrates. The printer comes as a desktop printer with integrated roll holders for media rolls up to 9 kg.

Intelligent Design Features for Extra User Comfort

Next to the well-known ValueJet features enabling easy set up and usage of the unit, even by inexperienced operators, intelligent design features have been added for extra user comfort on the ValueJet 628 printer.
• Multi-functional 2-key keyboard
• Mutoh printer installer & Windows driver
• Automatic cutting function
• Left & right media retainers + front media guides
• i² print technology – offers predictable output quality, therefore bringing an unprecedented level of user comfort to the printer operator

Fast Return on Investment

Rapid return on investment is available to beginners as well as skilled operators. The combination of affordable pricing, ease of use with consistent high quality output, hardly any periodic maintenance required, flexibility for switching quickly between print jobs and low ink consumption (average 8 ml/m² on uncoated PVC) means the ValueJet 628 printer will swiftly turn investment into profit.

ValueJet 628 – Technical Key Specifications

Print Technology – Drop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology
Print Head – 1 (8 colour channels)
Nozzle Configuration – 180 nozzles x 8 lines
Drop Mass Range (pl) – 3.5 to 35.2
Head Heights – Low: 1.2 mm / High: 2.5 mm

ValueJet 628 – Media Specifications

Max. Media Width – 630 mm (24,80”)
Max. Print Width – 620 mm (24,40”)
Max. Media Thickness – 0.3 / 1.3 mm *
* : Max. media thickness is specified per head
Media Measurements * – Ø 150 mm / 2” & 3” / 9 kg
* : Standard non-motorised roll-off system
Media Drying System –   3 heater zones: pre-heater, platen heater & after heater
Single control : off, 30-45 °C
Sheet Off Function – Automatic sheet off system integrated

ValueJet 628 – Performance

High Quality (720 x 1080) – 3.0 m²/h
Quality (720 x 720) – 4.6 m²/h
Quality Production (720 x 1080) – 5.9 m²/h
Production (720 x 720) – 9.0 m²/h
Speed Production (720 x 720) – 12.5 m²/h
Billboard (360 x 720) – 16.0 m²/h
* : All speeds indicated for 4 colour setup. Full Width. Intelligent Interweaving active.

ValueJet 628 – Ink Specifications

* : 1 L bag requires optional adapter 
Ink Colours – CMYK
Ink Consumption * – 8 ml / m²
* : Average ink consumption at @720 dpi – coverage of 67 %
UV durability—without lamination – 3 years outdoor *
* : For heavy duty applications where mechanical stress is involved, lamination is required. Stabilisation is required prior to lamination.

ValueJet 628 – Power Consumption

During Printing – ≤ 830 W
Power Supply – AC 100-120 V / AC 200-240 – 60/50 Hz – ≤ 6.5 A / ≤ 3.5 A

ValueJet 628 – Recommended Working Environment

Temperature – 20°C – 32 °C with Δt: max. 2 °C/h
Humidity – 40% – 60 % (no condensation) with ΔRH: max. 5% RH/h

ValueJet 628 – Machine Measurements

Width x Depth x Height – 1190 x 437.5 x 365.6 mm (desktop) & 1190 x 590 x 1165.6 mm (+ optional stand)
Weight Desktop / Stand – 31.8 kg / 40.5 kg

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