Mutoh VJ-628MP

vj 628mp

The VJ-628MP with a space-saving design supports 630mm wide roll media has achieved ease of use. A platen heater and blower heater are mounted, which improves drying performance and productivity. The blower heater accelerates drying and gently dry the printed surface to provide stable print quality. Wide-open space structure for easy access maintenance area.
The VJ-628MP is equipped with MP31, a multi-purpose ink, that can print beautifully on a variety of materials. The MP31 is now available with light inks which are able to achieve excellent prints with smooth gradient and less grains (up to 7 color set-up) . The VJ-628MP + MP 31 ink meet numerous customers’ needs and assists in the development of new applications.


– Supported 630mm wide roll media
– MUTOH’s multi-purpose ink (MP31)
– CMYK,Wh, Lc, Lm ink capability (up to 7 color set-up)
– Variable Dot Technology
– Hot air blower heater system
– Wide-open space structure
– 2 steps head height (1.2mm or 2.5mm)
– Equipped with the automatic cutting function
– Optional take-up unit

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