swissQprint Impala LED

Frugal space and power requirements, user and environment-friendly. Impala LED with its 2.5×2 metre flatbed has an amazing amount to offer: enormous material and application diversity, practical operator assistance, a powerful vacuum and great print quality. Maximum productivity of 180 m²/h makes Impala LED the unbeatable compact model.

Crisp print image

Various printing modes meet every requirement. Even with high productivity, Impala LED delivers impressive results. The non plus ultra is fine art work, with its finest detail and vivid colours.

Modest overall cost

The purchase cost is one thing; operating costs are another. Impala LED delivers excellent price/performance on both fronts. The tasks that this expandable flatbed printer masters on its own would otherwise require a fleet of machinery. And because the LED lamps have the same life expectancy as the printer, you gain considerable savings on maintenance.

A clear conscience

It’s nice when cost savings include protection of the environment. The longevity of the system and its low power consumption conserve resources. Operation is ozone-free and there is no toxic waste. So you can keep a clear conscience while getting the most out of your Impala LED.

Less heat build-up makes it a pleasure to print difficult media such as


  • Textiles
  • Delicate films
  • Corrugated board
  • Paper

Impala LED 4×4

Speed – 

Production – 180 m2/h

Quality – 89 m2/h

Fine art – 51 m2/h


Impala LED 2 × CMYK

Speed – 180 m2/h

Production – 90 m2/h

Quality – 48 m2/h

Fine art – 28 m2/h


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