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THE NEW ROWE VarioFold Compact folding machine.

Patented: offline becomes online.

More than half of all users of offline folding systems want to be able to fold online in the medium term. Up to now this has meant expensive re-construction of the folding system. With VarioFold Compact you can spare yourself this, thanks to its modular construction. This is the first folding machine worldwide that can be extended from offline to online with minimum outlay, even after it has already been put into operation. This guarantees you maximum security for your investment.

ROWE even goes a step further: whether it is the height adjustment that’s easy on your back, the whisper quiet folding, the patented endless folding or the user-specific folding programs – the VarioFold Compact can be extended at any time. This means it’s the first folding machine worldwide that grows with its user.


The VarioFold Compact is the user-friendly folding system that operates efficiently and is operated intuitively. The folding quality is the benchmark.

ROWE VarioFold Compact offline Floorstand

Perfect for all different heights

VarioFold Compact in the offline configuration is the compact system for professional folding. It is ideal for all folding volumes. Space requirement is, thanks to the Front Delivery Tray, minimal. Extremely ergonomic: the height adjustment means the VarioFold Compact adjusts exactly to your height – standard with all Floorstands.

ROWE VarioFold Compact offline Tablestand

Compact space saver

If you’ve had to do without a folding system in the past due to space restrictions ROWE now offers the best solution: the VarioFold Compact with Tablestand – an extremely space saving stand. Simply put the VarioFold Compact on a table e.g. the one previously used for manual folding. Thanks to its being extremely compact, this system is ideally suited to users who want automatic folding in a limited space.


ROWE is the benchmark for quality thanks to 60 years of experience and specialization in wide format.

ROWE VarioFold Compact precise folding

Precise folding

Maximum folding quality – precise with sharp edges – is guaranteed by the sophisticated interaction of micro-controllers and step motor drivers of the latest generation, patented holding rollers and the torsion resistant aluminum spaceframe construction.

ROWE VarioFold Compact durability

ROWE: a once in a lifetime acquisition

ROWE stands for durability. The new VarioFold Compact carries on this tradition. High-tech materials like the aluminum spaceframe and the manufacture 100 % ‘Made in Germany’ make the VarioFold Compact a once-in-a-lifetime acquisition. Simply futureproof – typically ROWE.

ROWE Quality Control

60 years of experience

Perfection requires specialization – that’s the ROWE creed. ROWE has focused on wide format for more than 60 years. As user of our products you are profiting from 60 years of daily research and continuous development of our technologies. We can offer you mature solutions which can be smoothly integrated into your infrastructure thus creating a perfect workflow.

Patented modularity

Patented modularity

During the design of the VarioFold Compact ROWE kept strictly to the principles of modular construction. This ensures the new folding system is a very safe investment: when demand increases simply extend the VarioFold Compact by an additional module – up to and including an online folding system.

Fold large drawings into neatly sized and easy to manage :


As specialist in wide format ROWE has an in-depth knowledge of your expectations concerning smooth processes. With this in mind we develop technologies to meet these expectations exactly. The result: impressive efficiency in first class ROWE quality.

Unsupervised folding

Unsupervised folding
You don’t need to waste any more time standing next to the folding system. All output trays of the VarioFold Compact are monitored and report their status.

Folding speed of 20 m/min (65.62 ft/min)
With a folding speed of 20 m/min (65.62 ft/min) even high volumes are processed quickly. Online the VarioFold Compact adjusts to the output speed of your wide format printer. Multispeed and shortgap technologies ensure minimum document intervals and maximum productivity.


ROWE folding programs

Unlimited number of folding programs
Using the FOLD APP SE and the FOLD APP PRO an unlimited number of folding programs can be defined. Adjustments in 1 mm (0.04″) steps are possible.

Filing margin
0 – 35 mm (0″ – 1.38″): ROWE FOLD APP SE/PRO

Packet width fan folding Packet width cross folding
180 – 305 mm (7.09″ – 12.01″):
210 – 305 mm (8.27″ – 12.01″):
90 – 420 mm (3.54″ – 16.54″):
180 – 420 mm (7.09″ – 16.54″):


Patented endless folding without interruption
Patented endless folding without interruption

ROWE, at the forefront of technology, makes it possible: With the Endless Folding Kit 30 and the Endless Folding Kit UNLIMITED you can fold up to 30 m (98.43 ft) or endlessly without unfolded pages inbetween. Manual re-folding is history.

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Modular construction Worldwide first completely modular folding system, can be upgraded on-site to an online solution at any time
High-quality aluminum spaceframe construction Extremely stable chassis in aluminum spaceframe construction, extremely torsion resistant for maximum folding precision and durability
Quiet folding Optimal for integration into office environments thanks to state-of-the-art step motor technology
Emission: not measurable in energy saving mode, in operating mode 50 db (A) in acc. with ISO 7779
Fully automatic clearance of paper Easy clearance of paper from the folding space at the push of a button
Media width 210 mm – 960 mm (8.27″ – 37.8″)
Media types / weights Normal and inkjet paper, 60 – 120 g/m² (paper weight: 16-32 lb)
Fan Folding Up to 2500 mm (98.43″)
Up to 4000 mm (157.48″): see ROWE FOLD APP SE +/ o
Up to 30 m (98.43 ft) or unlimited: see Endless Folding Kit 30/UNLIMITED (patented) +/ o
Cross folding Up to 1500 mm ( 59.06″) for DIN folding
Up to 2500 mm (98.43″) for DIN folding: see ROWE FOLD APP SE +/ o
Standard folding programs Fan folding: 190 mm/210 mm (7.48″/8.27″), 185 mm/210 mm, (7.28″/8.27″), 180 mm/210 mm ( 7.09″/8.27″), 198 mm (7.8″), 210 mm (8.27″) and 210 mm (8.27″) packet folding
Cross folding: 297 mm (11.69″) and 305 mm (12.01″)
Special folding programs Packet width fan folding:
180 mm – 305 mm (7.09″ – 12.01″), freely adjustable in steps of 1 mm (0.04″): see ROWE FOLD APP SE
+/ o
Packet width fan folding:
90 mm – 420 mm (3.54″ – 16.54″), freely adjustable in steps of 1 mm (0.04″): see ROWE FOLD APP PRO
+/ o
Packet width cross folding:
210 mm – 305 mm (8.27″ – 12.01″), freely adjustable in steps of 1 mm (0.04″): see ROWE FOLD APP SE
+/ o
Packet width cross folding:
180 mm – 420 mm (7.09″ – 16.54″), freely adjustable in steps of 1 mm (0.04″): see ROWE FOLD APP PRO
+/ o
Filing margin 0 mm (0″), 20 mm (0.79″), 25 mm (0.98″) and 30 mm (1.18″)
0 mm – 35 mm (0″ – 1.38″), freely adjustable in steps of 1 mm (0.04″): see ROWE FOLD APP SE +/ o
ROWE FOLD APP LT2 App for easy counter reading: folded documents, foldings and linear feet. Includes 12 pre-installed standard folding programs
USB interface For ROWE FOLD APP LT/SE/PRO, including USB cable
Folding standards DIN 824 A, B, C (A4, A3, A2, A1, A0), AFNOR similar (A4, A3, A2, A1, A0), ANSI (A, B, C, D, E), ARCH (A, B, C, D, E), Ericsson (A4, A3, A2, A1, A0), French
Folding speed 20 m/min (65.62 ft/min) in offline operation, up to 20 m/min (65.62 ft/min) in online operation with multispeed and short gap technology for automatic adjustment of folding speed to the output system
Custom Speed 2 Reduction of folding speed in offline operation for special requirements. Included in the ROWE FOLD APP LT
Power connection 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Energy saving mode: < 0.8 Watt, operating mode: 58 Watt
Dimension and Weight Dimension and weight are dependent on your individual configuration. All details can be found in the configurator at
Interfaces RS 232 serial/CAN/USB
Certificates RoHS, CE, UL, cUL, CB, FCC Part 15 Class B, EAC

1 All information – unless otherwise stated – applies to standard paper 80 g/m² (paper weight: 20 lb)
2 Installation/configuration/counter reading via standard USB interface
3 Base unit required for all combinations
4 Minimum requirements table: width x depth: 1300 mm x 600 mm (51.18″ x 23.62″) and a load capacity of 90 kg (198,42 lbs) plus the weight of the folding system and all modules selected
5 For offline configurations the output of folded documents with filing margin is to the front delivery tray.

Made in Germany.    ROWE Best QualityROWE modularityROWE APP CENTER      RoHS compliant       CE       TÜV Rheinland    FCC    EAC

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