Ammo Large Format Laminator 64″

large format laminator singapore

The Ammo laminator has been designed and packed with features that we are certain will be useful and delightful for all our users. It features robust construction with a compressor system and high speeds of lamination. It also has equipped anti-static, rear slitters, a heating element, a foot pedal, and a laminator counter so you always know how much is left. The machine is serviced and supported here in Singapore by our company. 

The Key  Features :

• 64″ width of lamination
• Heating element to ensure bubble-free lamination. 
• Powerful compressor to maintain adequate pressure at all times. 
• Rear Slitters, to cut the edges away automatically.
• Heavy-duty silicone roller systems.
• Integrated digital counter to let you know how much laminate is left.

There are various applications of the laminator

  • Affixing vinyl printouts on foam boards
  • Roll-To-Roll application
  • Affixing laminate onto the media substrate

Ammo 1700-M1 Pro: Best value at the most affordable pricing.

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