HP PageWide XL 3900 Multifunction Printer

Speed up the printing process and help save money with this consolidated mono and colour printing solution from HP. Experience fast and intuitive operation from beginning to end and produce excellent technical prints—all with one device.
Dynamic security enabled printer. Only intended to be used with cartridges using an HP original chip. Cartridges using a non-HP chip may not work, and those that work today may not work in the future.

FAST—Immediate, simple access to final prints

Don’t waste time waiting for prints with speeds up to 6 D/A1 pages/min and a fast 30-second first page out.

Gain reassurance that the print will turn out as you expect with one-click printing from HP Click.

Anyone can copy and scan with intuitive multifunction workflows, including automatic background removal.


SAVE—Help keep costs under control

Run at lower costs than low-volume LE1 in monochrome and colour.

Gain broad control over your printing costs and turn them to your advantage with HP SmartTracker software.

Use half the energy per page compared to equivalent LED printers.


CONSOLIDATE—Mono and colour printing in one

Improve manageability and simplify your workflow with one device for mono and colour.

Help meet all your needs, from job preparation to finishing, with a fully integrated HP solution.

Produce excellent technical prints—vivid colour, crisp lines, fine detail, smooth grayscales that beat LED.


The main application suitable for this machine is primarily the reproduction of graphics

  •  Coated paper, technical paper, photographic paper, backlit, self-adhesive, banner and sign
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